Welcome to PEAQ – the world of entertainment

With state-of-the-art technology, sophisticated design and high performance, PEAQ is the home of consumer electronics in the 21st century. Our products stand out for their high-quality workmanship and amazing prices, from headphones and sound systems to televisions and home cinemas. Immerse yourself in new worlds and experience vibrant colours, amazing graphics and crystal-clear sound. PEAQ combines intuitive technology with attractive design to create the finest entertainment.

A young man holding PEAQ Bluetooth speakers with his arm around a blonde woman’s shoulder, outdoors, rear view

Bluetooth speakers

The days of knotted cables are finally over. PEAQ Bluetooth speakers give you ultimate musical pleasure and perfect sound quality at home or on the move. The lightweight speakers fit perfectly in bags and rucksacks.

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Internet and digital radios

On the same wavelength… Our smart Internet and digital radios ensure first-class reception, user-friendly comfort and unlimited listening pleasure. The flexible loops and eyelets let you conveniently attach our radios to your bicycle or rucksack – perfect for your next trip!

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PEAQ digital radio on a wooden wine box, surrounded by other boxes, close-up
A PEAQ hi-fi system on a white table, next to black speaker boxes, CD being ejected from the device, close-up

Hi-fi systems

Treat your ears with PEAQ hi-fi systems! We create extraordinary musical experiences. Thanks to the USB, Bluetooth and SD slots, you can also play and download music on your mobile devices. Check out the unique sound quality!

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TV entertainment

Why go to the movies when you can get a PEAQ television? Our PEAQ TV sets will completely immerse you in your favourite films with 4K HDR technology and Ultra HD resolution. Find out everything you need to know about our unique surround sound and wide range of connections.

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A PEAQ flatscreen with the remote control on a sideboard, in a meeting room with wooden walls
A young man opening a PEAQ notebook on a wooden table, next to a full coffee cup, in a café

Notebooks and Tablets

PEAQ notebooks and computers belong in the big leagues. Discover our innovative hardware and take home high-performance notebooks and tablets with a timeless design. We always ensure high user-friendliness.

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Notebooks & Tablets




Our wafer-thin monitors are picture perfect. If you get one of our PEAQ monitors, you’ll not only appreciate its timeless design and small price tag – you’ll also save energy and protect the environment with our innovative backlight technology. The IPS panel also makes text easier to read.

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Two PEAQ monitors with info graphics on a wooden table in a meeting room, a flip chart in the background

Clearly ahead of the game

We love great entertainment. Our products are designed to be entertaining – even when operating them. We always ensure intuitive handling, cutting-edge technology and an attractive, timeless design.


Top quality – top prices
Best entertainment, clear sound and razor-sharp picture
Minimalistic, timeless design
A young woman holding PEAQ Bluetooth speakers, a young man hugging her from behind, both laughing outdoors, sun in the background

Sustainability at PEAQ

We care about the world of tomorrow. That’s why sustainability plays an important role at PEAQ. We want to do our part to preserve the planet with smart environmental strategies, energy-efficient technologies and the constant reduction of packaging materials. Find out more about our sustainability work.

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Do you need more information about a PEAQ product? Download documents for your purchase here.

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PEAQ – the brand

“PEAQ” is pronounced just like the word “peak” – and for good reason… We want to immediately convey to our customers what we’re all about: premium quality and amazing customer service!

As a private label for MediaMarkt and Saturn, we want to make entertainment a unique experience for all our customers – wherever they happen to be – with a range of audio equipment, PCs, monitors, notebooks, tablets and televisions. What are the hallmarks of our premium brand? It’s our minimalistic design, cutting-edge technology and unbeatable value for money.

Are you ready for powerful sound, breath-taking imagery and portable technology? Be inspired by our products and climb to the peak of consumer electronics!